Welcome to IPM - Intelligent Pest Management!

PM-Intelligent Pest Management is located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are a family owned and operated company providing pest management since 1977. Our services to the valley residents include pest management solutions that are preventive and environmentally sensitive (friendly). We take precautions for yourself, your children and pets and plants. All pest control services are customized to your needs. We also speak Spanish. Our service area includes: Coolidge, Phoenix, Second Mesa, South Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona.


At IPM-Intelligent Pest Management, we are experts at providing services that are top-quality and dependable. More importantly, the products used are environmentally sensitive and will provide you with lasting results. The integrated pest management services provided are natural, green, organic, conventional, Eco-friendly, environmentally sensitive, customized and prescriptive. As entomologists, we can do any type of pest management required.


Our assurances to our clients include being: licensed, certified, registered, insured and providing warranties for products. References are available upon request. We also belong to Home Owners Associations.


Contact us today for free information on any pest problem or a free termite inspection. Remember – education makes a difference; talk to an Entomologist!